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This J-springs a kind of round coil spring has adopted stainless copper wire. 2 of gauge are available helical compression spring and Extension coil springs. Flight diameter is from 0.2 to 1.6 millimeters.


○Types, materials and heat-resistant temperature.
○Dimensions related to usage and compression ratios
○Allowable variances / Common (JA and JB)
Please adhere to the following items when using our products. Due to their condition of use, springs can scatter upon breaking and be a cause of injury.
・Please do not use the JA with a deflection greater than that displayed on the standard table .
・Please install the JA in a slightly compressed condition (state of initial pressure.
・Please do not use the JB with an extension greater than that displayed on the standard table.
・When installing the JB, please do not so in such a way that the spring cannot scatter.