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This product base on property of Tohatsu JIS standardized spring. There are effect that reducing heat influence on initial flexure and provide the spring and extension of its life.
* Can be used up to about 300℃.
* Please consider for use in under 500000 strokes.
* It is available in heat silver paint, anti-rust oil: Surface treatment: electro-deposition coating.
*please consider the benefit of life extension obtained by reducing the initial flexure on this product.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Noncircular wire springs

It is possible to be more compact compared to round wire springs, and also able to take strokes and heavy loads. However it is more costly and delivery times are longer than round wire springs.

All categories round wire springs

Non-magnetic, Corrosion resistant, heat- resistant springs, Special shapes or hook springs etc. We can suggest for you a design to suit your requirements.

Spiral for conveyor

Example of materials, we are using stainless steel, silicon chrome steel, piano wire, and hard drawn steel wire. We hold a wealth of linear round cross-section material, corner cross section material. By using spring wire, durability is increased for wear.
It is possible to make a lengthy spiral with one wire, so it can be gain stable strength without a join. We are able to meet your requests through our custom order system for these products.

Flat springs

It is possible to manufacture and mold a large variety of forms using Spring stainless copper band, spring copper band, heat-resistant copper band, spring phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, or the like.